Green Curry Pie

Green Curry pie is Thai-style international menu, made from rich flavored green curry chicken, covered with pie crust and baked until fluffy.The crispy texture of the pie is surprisingly good with the Thai curry. Ingredients (Serves 4) Chicken cutlets 1 cup Eggplant remove the pole. 1/2

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ChocOrange Milk Bread

“Chocorange Milk Bread”. It’s a mini bun with soft texture and sweet taste. Arrange three cubes in a small loaf mold. Energy per slice, 129.75 kcal,2.63 g protein, 6.02 gfat, 16.84 g carb, 0.35 g fiber. Ingredients(for 24 small cubes),prepare 10 minutes, cook 30 minutes. All purpose