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Chicken Karaage.

No. 1 will be anything other than Chicken Karaage, chicken flavore with soy sauce and sugar. Coated with tapioca or wheat flour. And fried in oil It is a menu that is not difficult to make, easy to eat, and can be eat by all ages. The

Grilled Salmon Steak with Herbs.

Invite you to make a simple menu with “herb-baked salmon steak“, a single dish. But One dish with many benefits for you. And easy to cooking. Ingredients (for 2 servings) 2 slices of salmon fillet steak 1 stalk of lemongrass 3-4 cloves of garlic red chili

Does seaweed really help prevent gray hair?

No one wants to have gray hair quickly. Because gray hair makes me look old before my age. In order not to look premature. Many people tend to dye their hair. which wastes time and money. Many Japanese people say that eating seaweed regularly can help prevent gray hair. Let’s

Pork Bulgogi.

If you are tired of eating Korean food at a restaurant and suddenly want to have fun trying to cook pork bulgogi at home? I’d say it’s unbelievably easy. Because most Korean people tend to cook this menu and eat at home anyway. You can use beef or