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Advantages of eating yogurt.

There is still some light disagreement as to when to eat yogurt. And if eating yogurt before going to bed, will you be fat? Can it help you lose weight or not ? Whoever is in doubt, let’s find the answer for you to read. Let’s see that. Can eating yogurt before bed

Kiwi a good benefits.

Foreign fruits that look outside may not be very attractive. But once you cut it open. The green kiwi fruit is packed with so many benefits. Lowers blood pressure          Because in kiwi meat contains potassium. Important minerals that help lower blood pressure. and regulates the amount of fluid

What is Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a condition in which bone mass is reduced for any reason. This causes the bone structure to weaken and break more easily than usual. Especially around the spine, hip bones and wrist bones. Which this disease is scary in that there are no warning symptoms must be to

Hokkaido Cupcakes.

Hokkaido Cupcakes is chiffon cake in Japanese style. This menu is soft and light. Sweet taste is good. Topped with whipped cream mixed with custard and fresh fruit. You can make it. Ingredient. 6 eggs number 0 1/4 teaspoon ground salt 1/5 cup vegetable oil 1/4

Banana Pancakes.

Let’s move on to the soft banana pancakes recipe. The special thing is that it comes with how to make whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Fry small pieces or large pieces take it all at easy. Chocolate Sauce Ingredients 45 g of granulated sugar cocoa powder

Baked Banana.

       Bananas are ready! The oven is ready! Why don’t you try to make a baked banana dish? The main ingredient is only bananas. You can put white sesame or not. Cut the bananas into strips and bake them until soft. When finished, put it in a pretty bag or