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Krachai juice increases energy.

Krachai juice increases energy delicious drink help nourish the body. Anyone who is looking for a drink from herbs such as Krachai. Try this recipe to try to drink at home. Let me tell you that it’s delicious. Fresh up and most importantly. Krachai is a Thai herb that is beneficial to the


Daifuku a sweet treat from Japan. It means good luck and is popular as a souvenir and gift. Why is it not so difficult but requires a bit of patience? The dough is made from glutinous rice flour mixed with warm water. Stirred and then kneaded. Blended into

Spring Onions with Egg

Spring Onions with Egg

Get your protein in the morning with this easy Spring Onions with Egg. You can cut it out and season it to your liking. Ingredients Spring Onions with Egg Japanese spring onions, sliced ​​obliquely onion, sliced egg  soy sauce oyster sauce Instruction      1. Heat up