Benefits of Cucumber for Skin.

          You are well acquainted with natural facial mask formulas. Such as putting cucumber on your face or body. The benefits of cucumber to the skin are as follows.

* Helps to soften the skin

          The water contained is great for replenishing moisture to the skin. Especially people with dry skin. or sunburned skin. The cooling effect of cucumber helps to soothe the burning skin. as well as helping to restore moisture to the skin. In addition, erepsin enzymes have properties that help digest dead skin cells. new skin cells. Resulting in smoother, rougher skin

* slows down skin aging reduce wrinkled skin

          There are many factors that cause premature aging of the skin. One of them is skin dehydration. lack of flexibility causing skin cells to wrinkle and wrinkle easily. UFABET Therefore, people who drink less water are a habit. You can try adding water to the skin cells with cucumber.

* Prevents acne and blackheads.

          Cucumber has the effect of excreting waste from the body. In addition to eating to clean the body inside. The cucumber mask also helps enzymes and vitamins. Minerals have cleaned the skin. Including nourishing skin cells to be healthy. Reduce the chances of acne and blackheads as well.

* Reduce bags under the eyes.

          Wake up to find dark bags under the eyes. Hurry up to squeeze 1 tablespoon of cucumber juice, mix it with 1 tablespoon of potato juice. Stir well and apply it under your eyes all over, leave it for 15 minutes, then rinse. Bags under the eyes will disappear. Or if you use your eyes a lot, cut a cucumber into glasses and put it on your eyelids.  will help relieve tiredness of the eyes.