Advantages of eating yogurt.

There is still some light disagreement as to when to eat yogurt. And if eating yogurt before going to bed, will you be fat? Can it help you lose weight or not ? Whoever is in doubt, let’s find the answer for you to read. Let’s see that. Can eating yogurt before bed have the benefits mentioned above?

1. Helps to sleep easily.

            Yogurt contains milk. In yogurt, there is tryptophan. Amino acids that promote sleepiness And tryptophan will also help stimulate the secretion of the hormone serotonin. Hormones that promote relaxation Makes sleeping easier than before too.

When is the best time to eat yogurt?

2. Stimulate the excretory system

            There are probiotics in yogurt. Bacteria that are good for the intestines and digestive system. Stimulates the functioning of the digestive system and excretory system. Along with probiotics, it will also help balance the microflora in the intestines. As a result, the overall health of the body is also better. UFABET

            Especially if eating yogurt on an empty stomach in the morning or before going to bed. Good microbes and probiotics reorganize the tiny organisms in the stomach and intestines. In the morning, excretion will be smoother and easier than before.

3. Detox the body.

            After yogurt has stimulated the excretory system The body excretes better. It’s like detoxing the intestines in the body. More importantly, it will also have a positive effect on the absorption of nutrients as well. Especially for those who have a belly that feels uncomfortable and difficult to pass. Taking probiotics from regularly can help balance the digestive system and excretory system. This time, the belly that used to be bloated and uncomfortable will collapse. Just eat before going to bed for at least 1 consecutive week only.