Chicken Karaage.

No. 1 will be anything other than Chicken Karaage, chicken flavore with soy sauce and sugar. Coated with tapioca or wheat flour. And fried in oil It is a menu that is not difficult to make, easy to eat, and can be eat by all ages. The technique of frying Chicken Karaage can be confirm from documents from the early Edo period. But chicken meat start to be use in the early Showa period. It is a menu create by the head chef of Shokudo Mikasa. (now Mikasa Kaikan in Ginza, Tokyo) to sell the management problems of the branch.

Potato Chips
Second place is potato chips, potatoes cut into long sticks. Cut into thin strips or cut into a comb shape. Then fry in oil It is a fried dish that is widely popular all over the world. Usually eat with meat. Fast food and alcoholic beverages in the United States, Canada or in Thailand. We are popularly call French fries. Potato chips are said to have originate in Belgium and are consider the soul food of Belgium.UFABET 

Pork Tonkatsu
The third most popular dish is Tonkatsu. Thick slices of pork tenderloin or loin cut into batter. Egg and deep-fried in oil. Served with hot rice, adapted from the French cuisine Beef Cotelette (fried veal). Which was brought to Japan during the Meiji era. Western restaurant Renga-Tei in Ginza has switched to tempura frying techniques to suit Japanese tastes. And started using the name of this menu that Pork Cutlet since 1899