Spicy meat Lettuce Burger

Spicy meat Lettuce Burger Small head lettuce Crispy touch, cut in half, used instead of bread Stuffed with minced meat tenderloin mixed with spices. Topped with tomato salsa and avocado Spicy and sour flavor. American Mexican mix, that will definitely suit your taste.

burger lettuce wrap close up

Spicy Lettuce meat Burger Recipe

Ingredients (for 1 serving) 20 minutes, cook 15 minutes.

Minced meat tenderloin120Gram (1/2 cup)
Small lettuce160gram
Chopped green pepper7Gram (1 tablespoon)
Nutmeg powder1Gram (1 handful)
Chopped Garlic20G (1/2 head)
Minced garlic10Gram (1 tablespoon)
Sliced ​​Tomatoes35G (1/2 ball)
salt0.75G (1/4 g)
Micro Herbs or Small Lettuce

Simple Avocado Salsa

Small fresh tomatoes120G (12 pieces)
Avocado, diced small30G (1/4 ball)
Chopped parsley5Gram (1 tablespoon)
Chopped cilantro5Gram (1 tablespoon)
Chili Chinda Chopped1Gram (1/2 tablet)
Lemon juice20Gram (2 tablespoons)
salt0.75Gram (1/4 teaspoon)


1. Knead meat breast, chopped pepper, chopped onion, chopped garlic, nutmeg powder and salt together. In a Teflon pan, shape into cubes until cooked.
2. Stir together salsa ingredients together. Cut lettuce halves in half. Use instead of bread. Sliced ​​tomato paste Micro Herbs topped with chicken pieces, 1 joint topped with fresh tomato sauce and avocado paste Before joining half of the vegetables

Energy per serving 249.63 kcal.
20.76 g protein, 9.71 g
fat, 20.52 g carbohydrate, 3.88 g fiber.

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