Are we addicted to gambling? Try doing a screening

          Are we addicted to gambling? Try doing a screening. Below is a screening test for gambling addiction simple, if answered “yes” from 7 to show that the person is likely to have a problem gambling is.

  Are we addicted to gambling?

          1. Time or duration of your damage. Gambling

          2. Your gambling used to make your family life unhappy

          3. Your gambling used to discredit

          you 4. Have you ever felt remorse after gambling

          5. Have you ever gambled in order tomake you lose your reputation?pay gambling debts or to solve financial

          6. did gambling make you different in your body less efficient

          7. after losing the bet. You feel that you have to come back to play as soon as possible and have to pay back the waste.

          8. After winning a bet You have a strong urge to play again and win more.

          9. How often you gamble until your last dollar.

10. Have you ever borrowed money to finance gambling

          11. Have you ever sold anything? To be used as capital for gambling.

          12. You are not willing to use the money to use gambling to spend on other expenditures.

          13. Gambling makes you not pay attention to your own well-being. Or your family

          14. Did you ever gamble longer than you had planned

          15. Have you ever gambled to escape worry or trouble other

          16. Have you ever committed, or considered to be an offense to put the money to use. Gambling funds

          17. Gambling makes you sleep more difficult.

          18. Controversy, disappointments, or uncomfortable feelings As a result, you have a urge to gamble.

          19. Have you ever had the urge to celebrate things that happened by gambling for a few hours

          20. Have you ever hurt yourself? Or attempted suicide as a result of your gambling