Gambling addiction is a mental disorder.

         Gambling addiction is a mental disorder. Gambling Disease or the English name Pathological Gambling or Gambling Disorder is a type of psychiatric disorder. Patients with this condition cannot resist their urge or their own cravings. And will have symptoms of obsession like the patient thinks and repeats Or patients with alcohol and drug addiction Making it difficult to quit gambling. Until it affects life in other areas as well.

Gambling addiction is a mental disorder.

What are the causes of gambling?

          Gambling addiction may seem like a personal habit. Caused by the environment take away Or seeing a bad example But in addition, the medical community also found other causes of gambling addiction as well.

– Brain disease,

          research has found. The brain circuitry of gambling addicts is different from that of ordinary people, such as the self-regulation circuit. In addition, it was found that most of the gamblers had a decrease in the neurotransmitter serotonin and some of the brains were found to be less active. Increased secretion of dopamine It has to rely on exciting activities in order to make themselves happy.


          found that gambling addiction has heredity as well.


          in an environment where people close to gambling. People around them gamble as normal. Or having a nearby casino may make it easier to be induced to gamble

Various provocations, the

          media, or the Internet are also involved in inciting people to feel the urge to gamble. Whether it is public relations that play and get rich, make a lot of money, or even a sports industry that often analyzes the games of each team’s play, etc.

          However, the causes of gambling addiction are often all the same.  More likely to gamble to escape life problems than males. Have a tendency to drink alcohol Or doing something less illegal And sought less help in treating their own gambling addiction than males. Because women pay more attention to their relationships than males. While the male brain needs stimuli Or a stronger impact than female And has a bigger zero of aggression than males.