Lack of sleep often makes you old quickly?

Lack of sleep often makes you old quickly? Last week, the most popular application The broadest talk is Clubhouse, which should be called the infotainment news channel for some Apple users. Go into the room and exit this room. Participate in listening to interesting topics both day and night.

But one thing I want to be aware of is the health of all Clubhouse listeners: sleep deprivation.Sleep is an important mechanism for the body to help restore the functioning of cells and organs in the body, according to research data. Found that People who lack sleep for less than 7 hours / day for a long period of time. Will cause a condition known as sleep debt or debt to rest.

Lack of sleep

long periods of sleep deprivation can lead to the stress we call body stress. This will stimulate the release of the hormone cortisol to maintain the balance of the circulatory system or homeostasis in the body even after the stress is gone. But the mechanism of hormonal response remains.

 Resulting in a condition known as allostatic load, with sleep deprivation affected as follows:

  • Cortisol inhibits the activity of telomerase, an enzyme that prevents telomere contraction.
  • Sleep deprivation stimulates the sympathetic autonomic nervous system. Causing an increase in free radical formation and affecting the length of the tilomer.
  • Staying up late will prevent the body from producing the hormone melatonin, melatonin. Which is an antioxidant effect. That helps repair the DNA in our bodies
  • Staying up late will result in the body secrete substances that cause inflammation or inflammation. Which are produced by white blood cells. If the white blood cells work more and divide more, our thelomere will definitely shrink.

In conclusion, if sleep deprived for a long period of time The age of our cells will age faster because the thelomere will be shortened. I understand this. You may have to set aside time to listen to the entertainment channels of the club house or watch movies accordingly. Because even if you get entertainment or good news with your brain, you risk getting old quickly. Get sick more easily.