The most advanced! Turkish man uses AI-3D to create ‘Iron Man armor’

Interesting point

  • Tolgaosuigur, an academic at the Turkish University of Bilkis, uses AI and 3D printing to create an iron man suit like a real island.
  • Has a voice control system Just like in the movie Either opening-closing the hat, beam, etc.
  • It took over a year and a half to build.
The most advanced! Turkish man uses AI-3D to create 'Iron Man armor'

“Jarvis! Get ready to fire the beam and launch the flight system! ”Tolgaosuigur, an academic at Bilki University in Istanbul, Turkey. Command a gray robot inside an art studio.

Ozuigur recently redesigned Iron Man’s armor. By adopting a variety of technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and 3D printing to create an exquisite work like a real armor.

Iron Man comes with a suit of armor controlled by Jarvis. Also an intelligent computer program that interacts with humans through a voice-activated system. It is a comic book character that has become a famous film trilogy and has attracted fans from all over the world.

Osuigur Jarvis has a wide range of functions and is able to respond to a different set of instructions. Through a voice control system. Such as opening and closing the helmet. Firing of a beam of light in the palms of both hands And activating. The rear flight effect system It took him almost 1 year and 6 months to develop such an advanced armor.

Osuigur is currently teaching Robotics and Electronic Systems in the Faculty of Communication Design. Over the past two years, he has been devoting more into inventing projects and publishing them on YouTube. As a result, it has nearly 400,000 followers. With Osuigur seeing its work as an experimental development, engineering project.

Osuigur told Xinhua news agency in a large studio surrounded by smart home infrastructure. 

He added that the process covered many fields of science. From engineering to robot design and electronic cards. From carpentry to sewing

“This project gives you the opportunity to do a lot of research and learn all the necessary techniques for what you are doing,” says Osuigur. His ultimate purpose is to develop new technologies and to connect innovative inventions. as the result it inspire people in the science, math and engineering circles

The arc reactor inside Jarvis’s chest was the one that put the greatest pressure on Osuigur during the Jarvis formation process. And forcing him to do a lot of research. Which he said “The device is a tritium battery that produces a very small amount of energy. It is nuclear and safe. This method is used in a number of fields, such as space exploration. “