How does protein help us lose weight?

How does protein help us lose weight? Protein is a nutrient that is a great aid in weight loss. Because the body requires more calories to burn more protein. Compared to burning fats and carbohydrates Plus protein can help keep us full for longer.

  • There is a study in a group of female volunteers who received 15-30% of their daily calories. Found that they were eating less It counted 441 calories and lost 5 kg in 12 weeks.
  • Another study asked volunteers to eat 25% more protein from their total daily calories. They found that they ate 50% less snacks at night and 60% less craving for food.
  • And there is one more research In which the female volunteers were divided into two groups for 10 weeks of weight loss, each group received a different amount of protein. It was found that both groups were able to lose weight the same. But those who eat more protein They lost 0.5 kg more weight than the other group and had a greater reduction in body fat than the other group.

” Protein may also help with weight control over the long term. Research shows that eating more protein accounts for 15-18% of your calories each day” Dr. ufabet . it will make your weight less than 50%.