Declan Rice reveals he wants to play with the legendary player.

Arsenal midfielder Declan Rice has revealed which Premier League star. He would like to play alongside in an interview with Joe Cole.

Rice moved from West Ham to Arsenal for £105 million in the summer. Having emerged as one of the Premier League’s top midfielders in recent seasons.

Former West Ham captain reveals who he would like to play. With When asked a question by a former senior on the old team like Cole ทางเข้า UFABET 

Declan Rice was quick to praise two legends of England and the Premier League. But he ultimately chose one side that has proven to be a central point of debate over the past decade.

“I’m going to see Stevie G (Steven Gerrard).” the Arsenal midfielder admitted.

“Obviously he and Lampard (Frank Lampard) are always compared. I would probably say Lamps, I like Lamps as a player!”

“But with Stevie G, I don’t know there’s something about him. Like the way he is on the field. He looked like he had turned into a wild animal. And I feel like we will get along well.”

“He can do everything. He can run into the penalty area. And entered the tackle. He can pass the ball. He can dictate the play in order to play against him. And see how special he can play.”