Potato seasalt cookies recipe

Potato seasalt cookies recipe

Today we recommended Potato seasalt cookies recipe. Who knew that potatoes could also be made into desserts? Are desserts like cookies that we are familiar with add some crunchy chopped walnuts and seasalt, it’s delicious. Ingredient Butter, set aside to soften 227 g. 130 grams sugar Egg

Greentea Pancakes with Honey

Greentea Pancakes with Honey

Greentea Pancakes with Honey is soft and fluffy desserts served hot with butter, jams, sauces, fresh fruit, whipped cream or a delightful chilled ice cream. It can create a morning breakfast or a snack and sip with afternoon tea.  Greentea Pancakes with Honey   Homemade pancakes,

Strawberry Vanilla Cram Brulee

Strawberry Vanilla Cram Brulee recipe

Strawberry Vanilla Cram Brulee is the new cram brulee and chocolate mousse are made like Strawberry. Sprayed with light purple white chocolate looks cute. Inside stuffed with Strawberry jam Has a sweet, soft, delicious taste. Dark Chocolate Mousse Ingredients 1 liter fresh cream 200 grams of sugar Egg

Sunkist Jelly

Sunkist Jelly

Sunkist jelly is an easy recipe and high vitamin C. Sunkist orange has a strong flavor. The bark is fragrant. Peels are commonly used to make desserts such as jam, cookies, oranges, which are packed with many vitamins and minerals. Both flavonoids and carotenoids, etc. Sunkist Jelly Ingredients


Chicken Tom Kha Nabe

Chicken Tom Kha Nabe Easy recepie, That combines Japanese and Thai traditions.  Ingredients (for 2) 5 minutes, cook 10 minutes. Chicken meat 400 g 300 cc coconut milk Water 100 cc. 1 piece kombu seaweed Galangal, sliced ​​5 glasses 1 lemongrass A pinch of salt Mushroom


Zucchini the effect of cooling off the heat.

Family name Cucurbitaceae Common name Smooth Loofah Scientific name Luffa cylindrica (L.) M. Roem. Local names for zucchini The north is called Manoi Khom Ma Noi Ma Gourd Oub Zucchini. Northeastern region called zucchini zucchini is a biennial vine plant and the trunk is a square vine. The length of the

Avocado Gratin

Avocado Gratin, an anti-aging menu

Avocado Gratin  dish is made with avocado. An excellent source of anti-oxidant that helps fight wrinkles. It is also rich in vitamin E and glutathione. Helps eliminate free radicals, contains vitamin B6 and vitamin C, as well as minerals, magnesium, which are essential for the production of the

Greentea redbean cake

Greentea redbean cake steamed Japanese style recipe

Greentea redbean cake steamed Japanese style recipe.Its Japanese style steamed red bean paste mung tea cake , soft and bouncy. This recipe is adapted from prune cake recipe Instead of prunes, green tea powder was added to the cake to add color and aroma, which matched the sweetness


Garlic Pepper Salmon

Garlic Pepper Salmon  This dish is adapted from the traditional pork or garlic-pepper chicken served. Let’s use the salmon Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, good for health, helping to strengthen and develop the brain. Fried until crispy on the outside and tender inside. Mixed with crispy garlic Which garlic helps


Grilled Chicken Paprika and Potato

Grilled chicken with baked potato, paprika soft chicken thigh marinated with olive oil, paprika and onion until it Grilled on a hot pan to cook just right, beautiful yellow color. The meat inside is still delicious. Served with baked potatoes, bacon and mayonnaise with fresh sliced ​​tomatoes We