Hemp planting

       Hemp planting and 10 things you should know before applying for permission. To plant hemp after the state has unlocked it for planting Effective from 29 Jan, what are the steps?

          After the government and the Ministry of Public Health have signed a license to produce, import, export, sell or possess Category 5 hemp (Hemp) drugs in 2020 and has been in effect since 29 January 2021. The

          latest  Spring News reported that the Ministry of Health revealed an overview of the entire country. After finding areas in many provinces, people were interested in asking for hemp plants And asked for details, including receiving advice for all 705 cases, which initially had two applications for permission.

CBD hemp planting trial

          Those who wish to plant hemp Should learn more details about the law and the various criteria of the permit and the operator manual for applying for permission, with 10 things you should know: 

1. Where is the plantation in which province:

          To apply at the Provincial Health Office that can apply throughout the year. And the process for permission about 120 days from the date the evidence is complete and submitted payment for permission.

          Therefore, the applicant should plan the application for permission to be consistent, for example, the application for permission in February. To plant in July, etc. 

2. Requesting permission to plant hemp, for example, for commercial or industrial purposes: no space limit. Any area permission can be requested. 

3. Planting location:

       Must have a clear line of planting zones Separate from planting other types of plants in a clear proportion. 

4. Security measures: in the planting area, seed storage area or after harvesting hemp. And separately store hemp in proportion not mixed with other objects

5. If the planting area is located in the community area Attractions, schools: 

Must have a system to prevent access from outsiders such as barbed wire fences blocking all 4 sides of the planted area. Limit entrance-exit areas required. 

6. Designate a list of persons who have the right to enter – out of the planting area: designate and the specific responsible person is in control of the activities in writing. 

7. Applicant or operator: Must have a letter. The results of a criminal record check from the Royal Thai Police By submitting an application at the police station based on your domicile. 

8. There is a fee: an application for a license 500 baht per license and 4,000 baht a certificate. 

9. Planting for medical use or health products: Must be carried Compliance with agricultural standards such as- soil and water quality analysis