Check out how exhaustion, tiredness and lazy are different.

Check out how exhaustion, tiredness and lazy are different. If you want to easily check your body, you may need to observe how long your exhaustion is. Such as feeling tired easily. Seems to be exhausted every day. But after taking a break, it disappears And still have the strength to do various activities and still go to work normally Have a comfortable conversation with those around you. This could be a case of excessive physical exertion. Such as working round-the-clock, frequent, intense exercise that is too heavy for the body to handle. Or doing any activities that are excessively fit.

Check out how exhaustion

         But for people with fatigue Like to feel Chronic fatigue. Is feeling exhausted and exhausted all the time It’s been like this for 1-3 months. It can be a symptom of common physical and mental fatigue. It could be caused by cumulative stress. 

This results in the body showing negative symptoms, little by little, as follows:

          Feeling discouraged to do anything

          Stress and insomnia I feel insufficient sleep all the time Or some people may have a full night’s sleep but feel like they are not sleeping

          frequent bloating or feeling hungry all the time. Or some cases may not feel like eating anything at all.

         In other words, the symptoms of exhaustion are quite worrisome. Because it affects physical and mental health greatly You may have a problem at work. or have a worse relationship with those around them Therefore, if you find yourself having symptoms of exhaustion Should hurry to consult a doctor to find a solution for yourself as soon as possible.

As for the laziness It is a feeling that occurs with the body only for a while, such as after eating full and not wanting to do anything. Or getting too much sleep It makes me want to continue sleeping , sometimes being able to cancel activities that I thought I would do without thinking too much. But after a while The body is fully awake Or return to normal The laziness will disappear by itself. We became more energetic and active again. Which is not a symptom of worrisome But it shouldn’t feel too lazy too often.