Stress and eat How to cope?

Stress and eat How to cope?

Accept the fact that ‘I’m a stressed person and likes to eat’ first

Stress and eat How to cope? Stressful and eating is not uncommon. It can happen in both women and men. But some people are unaware Or not accepting yourself Many people tell themselves that they are not stressful, they are not stressful. And try to do everything normally Actually, I feel very stressed. Plus the mouth doesn’t stop chewing.

Tress and eat How to cope?

Accepting the truth that We are stressed people and love to eat. It will help us to understand ourselves. And it is easier to understand the direction in handling it than people who do not accept the truth. When we have to face problems And we know that we are stressed and like to eat. We will have better awareness of self-restraint than those who do not accept themselves. Try to observe yourself and see that We always took time for me to eat what? If the answer is  yes to my next question.

Try to find out what is stressful. So that we can fix it on the spot

The reason we are stressed and like to eat Maybe it’s because we don’t know what to do. We do not know how to solve the problem. All you can do at that time is to eat, so eat more to think you can get rid of stress. And will come back to solve the problem despite the fact that eating does not help the problem And may also create additional problems as well

In fact Eating can help relieve stress. But have to eat only certain foods.

Would it be better if we found the cause of stress? And find a solution to the problem to the point better The solution to the problem is If you can’t fix it yourself May seek advice from other people May give us see a way to solve problems It will help reduce stress and eat better. Or if not stressed yet Read on.

Relax with other activities

The thing that will help relieve stress the most are activities that we enjoy. Some people may like to read books, watch movies, listen to music, grow with pets. Exercise for the body to release messages of happiness. Or go for a walk to get some fresh air (Anyone who wants to walk in the mall can either matter But be careful with the money in the pocket) or if you don’t want to walk You can go to bed and give her Rapits a massage. No matter how you like it If happy and relaxed We will lose stress as well.

Many people might argue that The happiest activity you do is eat , so you should eat right? But do not eat because of stress. You have to eat mindfully, eat moderately, and choose what is good for yourself. If not this way Find a way to relieve stress with other activities.

In addition, the idea of ​​letting go Let time be your heart healer It is another way to help relieve stress, think that what is going on has a reason for it. If you can’t fix it, let it go, maybe you’ll find something good. Can be hidden