Krachai juice increases energy.

Krachai juice increases energy delicious drink help nourish the body. Anyone who is looking for a drink from herbs such as Krachai. Try this recipe to try to drink at home. Let me tell you that it’s delicious. Fresh up and most importantly. Krachai is a Thai herb that is beneficial to the body as well.

Ingredients (for 4 glasses)

  • Krachai scrape off the bark, clean.
  • Steam for 10 minutes 3 cups
  • 1/3 cup honey
  • 1/4 cup ground bee pollen
  • Boiled water, set aside to cool 2 cups.


Blend Krachai and boiled water together. Filter only water. Then pour the water mixed with honey into a glass that has been moistened with bee pollen, add ice, and drink.

Energy per serving 94.13 kcal, 21.75 g protein, 0.54 g. fat, 0.80 g carbohydrate, 0.00 g fiber.

Interesting facts about Krachai.

Krachai juice scientific name Boesenbergia rotunda. Is a plant with rhizomes underground. Normally the roots or rhizomes that are underground in general plants are primarily responsible for the absorption of nutrients only. But for Krachai rhizomes are swelled out like human fingers. The English name of Krachai therefore has another name as Finger root.

Krachai juice increases energy.

The attractiveness of the Krachai rhizome is the ability to increase its number. If anyone wants to propagate Krachai easily and what it is. All you have to do is cut the Krachai rhizomes into pieces. And bring it to the ground each rhizome will be able to grow a new Krachai tree. The Doctrine of Signature is an important indication that Krachai is probably a herb that has been involved in nourishing the brain. This is because the roots of plants generally resemble the branching of the brain’s nerve endings. The roots or rhizomes of many plants. As it is swelled into a bulb such as ginseng. It has been researched that it can nourish the brain. The more Krachai rhizomes can be divided into more numbers like this. The more the answer to stimulate the brain cells to repair themselves better.