Grilled Sea Bass with Green Apple Sauce

Grilled Sea Bass with Green Apple Sauce Diet menu helps good health An apple a day can help you lose fat. “An apple a day, keep your doctor away.” Is an old English proverb that Eating an apple every day will keep you healthy so that you don’t have to see your doctor at all. And today, apples are still a staple for health care. And reduce weight in different ways

In the Scandinavian Norse Mythology said: The Norse gods were able to remain immortal because they ate the apples that Goddess Edun had kept. On one occasion, the goddess Edun was kidnapped. Even making the Norse gods aging There are crow’s feet and gray hair along the way.

From the legend tells Come to the science of medicine and current science. Modern nutrition research has found that one apple contains many nutritional values. And rich in vitamins such as vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6,
folic acid, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, etc.

Ingredients (for 1 serving) 20 minutes, cook 20 minutes.

Sea bass150gram
Green apple2results
Apple juice150gram
Black sesame seeds50gram
Ground cinnamon¼Teaspoon
A little olive oil
A pinch of salt
A pinch of black pepper
Fried salad for garnish


1. Peel green apples and cut into small pieces. Stir in a pan until fragrant and soft. Add apple juice, raisin stock, cinnamon powder, salt and black pepper. Boil until the apples are soft and soft, turn off the heat.
2. Wash the sea bass thoroughly. Pat the water dry Then marinated with salt and black pepper Olive oil for 10-15 minutes, then mix white sesame and black sesame seeds all over the pans in a wok over low heat until cooked.
3. Place the fish on a plate with apple sauce prepared Served with sauteed salad or grilled vegetables as a side dish.

Energy per serving 912.20 kcal,
46.01 g protein, 44.31 g
fat, 82.26 g carb, 18.55 g fiber.

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