ChocOrange Milk Bread

“Chocorange Milk Bread”. It’s a mini bun with soft texture and sweet taste. Arrange three cubes in a small loaf mold.

Energy per slice, 129.75 kcal,
2.63 g protein, 6.02 g
fat, 16.84 g carb, 0.35 g fiber.

(for 24 small cubes),
prepare 10 minutes, cook 30 minutes.

All purpose flour350gram
Fresh yeast15gram
Fresh milk175gram
Granulated sugar42gram
Cold unsalted butter, cut into small pieces104gram
Dark chocolate110gram
Candied orange peel, cut into small pieces56gram
Small loaf8print
Egg for brushing the face a little
Butter for brushing the pan

Chocorange Milk Bread INSTRUCTION

  1. Preheat the oven on top and bottom to 180 degrees Celsius with butter in the prepared pan.
  2. Pour the flour, yeast, milk, eggs and sugar into the bowl of the flour mixer. Blend ingredients at low speed to
    combine then add salt Moderate speed boost Beat until the mixture is well combined, add the butter
    and mix until smooth. Slow down to low speed, add dark chocolate and candied orange peel and mix well. Moderate speed boost Beat until the ingredients do not stick to the mixing bowl, turn off the machine, bring the mixture to rest for 30 minutes.
  3. Cut the mixture into 35 grams of cubes to make 24 cubes, then set aside 1-2 minutes, then form a round ball and let it rise for another hour. Then put the ingredients that have risen and put into the prepared loaf pans with butter, 3 loaf pans, and a little egg on top.
  4. Reduce the oven temperature to 165 degrees Celsius, set aside for 10 minutes, then bake the bread for 10 minutes, then return to baking pan for another 2 minutes. Bring the snacks to cool. Knocked out of the pan, ready to serve.