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  ots3 distro/future development  
by THC4k
16:00, 30 Jan 08,
Greetings, yet again i come in peace and with an anouncement regarding the litestep distribution that could be ots3:
Since Andymon released his great ThemeManager with support for ots3, i have all the tools required for a "normal" Litestep distribution. So i made one :]
- a neat installer
- full ots2 compability (if not its a bug)
- no additional requirements ( "no python" )
- all that ots3 stuff

Why use it?
While nothing speaks *against* using it, there are only meta benefits from using it either.
What i mean by that is that nothing will change if you just install and use it. How could it, since your Theme will stay the same and there are no ots3 themes so far.
There is only one reason to use it: IF you improve it, everyone, including you, can benefit from it. OTS2 wont change anymore, but OTS3 can and will benefit from your help!

So, if i you want to try it, please do and please leave comments here or over at ls-universe.info!

One last word of warning thou: Since LOSI and this distro both use Andymons ThemeManager, either will stop working if you install the other on the same user account ( different is fine). You will have to change the LitestepDir/ThemeDir/ProfileDir in the TM if you want to switch back to the older installation.

Installer is here Docs are here
  Module Updates  
by fractal.design
04:30, 26 Jun 07,
xPaintClass now has texture/font rotation, Jpeg/Gif support and loads of other new features.

Get the beta (stable) and comment about it here:

lscolor has been updated to version 1.6.3

A simple module that sets evars for system color/font/size values.

Added metric evars.
Added !refresh support
Added "*lscoloronchange" rc setting.
Added Revision ID info for the about box.
Added !lscolorupdate Bang command.
Added license info to main.cpp and lscolor.h
Renamed all instances of "IconTitleFont" to the shorter "IconFont"

Its in the shellfront archive, so you can simplyrun the NLM bang:
!NetReloadModule lscolor-1.6.3

or use the RC setting and !recycle:
*NetLoadModule lscolor-1.6.3

  New site scheme!  
by fractal.design
04:22, 26 Jun 07,
I made a new site scheme that uses your system colors (CSS2) for the site colors :x

Pretty cool ;)
  New mega-suite to Raise Awareness of Climate Change!  
by fractal.design
07:46, 16 Jun 07,
A massive new suite raising awareness of climate change is being discussed over at customize.org: http://customize.org/groups/topic/12897

Do your bit for the LiveEarth campaign or just be part of the biggest skin suite in the entire universe! (hopefully!)

p.s. this is NOT another of my crazy idea's, I didn't even think it up!
by fractal.design
03:28, 28 Apr 07,

I am building a theme, called LaserDock.
LaserDock is fun and should enhance your windows experience.

However, its still kinda buggy, and because it has lots of code in it, I really need some help to get it usable anytime soon.
Any help would really be appreciated, even simply loading it up and telling me why you didn't like it would be usefull.

If this tickles your fancy pants, and your interested,
take a look at a video showing some of the features over here:

P.S. I won't be releasing it until most people can use it reasonably.
So if you've seen the vid and think its awesome, please lend a tiny hand,
otherwise you might never get to use it

  another ots3 post  
by THC4k
16:21, 17 Apr 07,
Another version of that ots3 pack.
- Updated lslua to the latest lua version and fixed it a bit. So you *should* be able to use all general lua packages directly now. For example, you can use luasocket querry any internet servers, like (code warning) pop3 servers or Yahoo's Weather API and use it directly in litestep.
- Added a recovery theme that will be loaded if $OTSMajorVersion$ isnt set at the end of loading Litestep. This should work with all OTS themes .. i hope nobody seriously wants to use older Themes anymore.

Always remember, that having the right theme for your computer will give you a better working environment. It will make you feel more comfortable, especially since you can customize everything to suit your personal preferences. Do not settle for standard themes when you can be creative and give your workspace more life.

Feature requests pls :]
  new ots3 version  
by THC4k
23:36, 11 Apr 07,
I uploaded a new ots3 zip today. I think that i fixed all the ots2 theme related bugs now, plus alot small improvements. Take a look at it and don't forget to give some feedback. You can download the zip file and look at the "docs". Thanks.
  LOSI 0.0.8 RELEASED!!!  
by fractal.design
22:50, 27 Jan 07,
LOSI (Litestep OpenSource Installer) 0.0.8 beta is available for testing.

It ships with OTS2 and 0.24.7 Final core build.
The next release will come with OTS3 and GS!
So if you find any bugs with the installer in this version, let Tobbe know.

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